Since 2007, our CSA has enjoyed a wonderful partnership with Sang Lee Farms out on the North Fork of Long Island. Sang Lee is a Certified Organic Vegetable Farm by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC, and they grow more than 100 varieties of specialty vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, baby greens, mesclun, herbs, Asian greens, and flowers.

This year Sang Lee Farms has partnered with Briermere Farms, located in nearby Riverhead, NY, to provide fresh local fruit for the fruit share. The farm is not certified organic, however they certainly aim for as little conventional spray as possible given the wet climate of New York.  Many organic practices are integrated into the growing program and they produce their own compost as well. 

This year Sang Lee Farms will be offering cheese from the east end of Long Island, NY as well as from the Hudson Valley, NY. You will receive a different type of cheese each week from one of nine different farms! This combination gives you a wonderful selection of soft, medium and hard cheese textures and including cow and goat and sheeps milk cheeses.


Located just a few miles down the road here in Peconic, this farm has won #1 in the country for its goat chevre.  They offer plain and herb flavored chevres depending on the season, as well as fresh goat feta and goat ricotta. 


Located on the south fork of Long Island, these former potato farmers have been milking cows now for over tenyears.  They have developed unique raw milk artisanal cheeses which include a cheddar, a Swiss style, a camembert, and more.


Located in the Catskill Mountains just north ofNew York City, this farm has become know for their semi-hard Tilsit style cheese,  similar to a gouda in texture, but sweeter in taste.  In addition to their famous plain Tilsit, there are a number of herb infused varieties as well. 


Located in Milford, NY where they produce several European-inspired cheeses from Jersey and Brown Swiss cows-milk from local family farms and then aged in their caves. 


From garlic to chipotle, maple sugar to vegetable ash, fennel pollen to truffles, this farm is continuously creating new and innovative flavors to accompany its quality chevres, camemberts, and cow's milk cheeses. Located in Coheos, NY. 


Produced in Old Chattam of New York’s bountiful Hudson Valley, Old Chatham Sheepherding Company’s award-winning sheep’s milk cheese and yogurt are celebrated for their uniqueness and distinctive flavors. 


Located at the gateway to the Adirondack State Park, this farm specializes in New York State Cheddar, aged on site, from one to seven years, so you are sure to find the sharpness you like.


Located in Pine Plains, NY,  this Creamery is one of only a handful of Farmstead outfits producing cow’s milk cheese from their farm’s own herd, in the state of New York. Chaseholm crafts a number of different style cheeses, most out of the French Tradition - such as camembert & Brie. 


Nettle Meadow Farm is a goat and sheep dairy and cheese company in Thurman, New York. They make a delicious variety of cows, sheeps and goats milk soft and hard cheeses.

Once Or Twice A season we partner with walden hill farm to provide our members with heritage pork.Acorn-finished pork, a centuries-old European tradition, not only has exquisite taste but also helps rejuvenate a broken food system. By utilizing an abundant natural resource, walden hill has created a nutrient-rich diet prioritizing animal and environmental welfare.



From chops to ribs, roasts to steaks, their Acorn Pork is flavorful, tender, and delicious. They promote nose-to-tail, no-waste butchery, so if there’s a cut you want, they'll help you get it. And they are committed to helping you discover how to enjoy every cut. Fortunately, Acorn Pork is easy to cook as its incredible flavor speaks for itself!

Sausages & Smoked Pork

There’s more to a pig than bacon – but who doesn’t love bacon?! But belly isn’t the only Acorn Pork cut they’re smoking. Walden Hill also have British bacon, smoke hams, jowls, hocks, and more. And because of the incredible nutty flavor of Acorn Pork fat, the sausages from it are the best they’ve ever had. 


Spanish acorn-fed dry cured hams are known for their incredible flavor and melt in your mouth texture, so Walden Hill couldn’t be more excited to create dry cured products from Walden Hill Acorn Pork. Currently, they produce both a mild and spicy soppressata style salumi that you can purchase today!