2018 Membership Agreement


I commit to membership in the DUMBO + Vinegar Hill CSA for the 2018 Summer or Early Winter Season. I will pick up my share on Wednesday (Summer) or Tuesday (Early Winter) evenings between 5:00 pm and 7:45 pm at Randolph Beer (82 Prospect Street), from June 6th to November 15th (Summer) or November 21 to December 19 (Early Winter).

I understand that the pickup will close promptly at 7:45 pm. This is to allow volunteers time to clean and vacate the space per our agreement with Randolph Beer. I understand that I cannot pick up my share(s) at any alternate time and that if I do not pick up my share by 7:45 pm, it will be donated to City Harvest. I promise that I will not give my fellow neighbors a hard time even if I show up at 7:46 pm, because I understand they cannot permit exceptions.


As a CSA member, I join with my farmers in accepting that farming and crop production has some risks associated with it, primarily from the weather, but can include disease and insect problems. By participating in the CSA program you share some of this risk with Sang Lee Farms. You understand that your membership entitles you to a share of vegetables that Sang Lee Farms will provide to the best of its ability. This share of certified organic vegetables will be provided for 24 weeks (June 6th - November 15th). The farmer reserves the right to supplement the share with locally grown fruits and vegetables in the event of a shortage.  All payments for this CSA membership are non-refundable. My vegetable share will vary from week to week, generally consisting of eight to twelve different local seasonal vegetables; the exact amount or contents of my share are not guaranteed. The share will vary though out the season and will mirror the struggles and successes the farm encounters. This “risk and bounty” understanding also applies to any add-on shares purchased.

Volunteer Shifts

I will fulfill two pickup shifts requirement this season during two Wednesday distributions from 4:45 pm – 8:00 pm. I understand that if I do not fulfill this obligation, my share will be discontinued and I will not be eligible for returning membership. You will receive an email about how to signup for your volunteer shifts after the registration deadline has passed.

Refund Policy

The CSA does not offer any refunds. Your CSA share(s) may be transferred but that is the responsibility of each member to do so. If you have transferred your shares, please email the CSA with the new members name.