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Meet the Farmer

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Fred, our farmer at Sang Lee, is coming into the city on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22 to meet CSA members and share some information about the farm.

  • What time6:30-7:30 p.m.
  • Where: 136 Lawrence Street Apt. 3B

If you’ve never been out to the farm, this is a can’t-miss event—Fred will share lots of pictures, explain the ins and outs of organic farming, and answer all of your questions. (And if we’re lucky, there may even be some early produce to sample!)

If you’re interested in attending, just send us an email at core [at] dumbocsa [dot] org and let us know how many people are coming.

Save the date

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Save the date!

Open house at Sang Lee Farms on the North Fork of Long Island will be Sunday, May 17. Rumor has it there may be barn dancing…mark your calendars, and we’ll see you there!

Save the Date

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014


  • Meet the Farmer in Dumbo (Thursday, April 17)
  • Deadline for all registrations and deposits (Wednesday, April 30)
  • Open House at Sang Lee Farms (Saturday, May 17
  • First pickup date (June 11, depending on the harvest)

        Update from Fred

        Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
        I wanted to give CSA Members an update on the what’s happening on the farm and to let folks know that the vegetables are hanging in there, in spite of the weather so far.  Most of the field staff, if not all, have shown signs of moisture stress with the temperatures hanging in the 90′s lately.  Personally, I am looking more and more like Molly our dog with my tongue hanging out as I make my way through the day.
        The veggies in general, while hanging in there, are not as fond of the hot temperatures as the vacationers visiting the local beaches.  We are seeing several things going on in our fields that we have little control over from our plantings of lettuces bolting prematurely, (flowering before head and leaf growth), and general stress, to the extreme proliferation of insects and weed growth.
        As always, there are some positives to this story.  Our wonderful Heirloom tomatoes are maturing rapidly with some beginning to show color already!  We are of course, now pressed to stay up with that growth and keep pace with the staking and tying of the plants, which is particularly challenging in this heat.
        As you might have guessed too, irrigation is a top priority now with our sandy soils drying out rapidly in this weather and a lot of our veggies showing heat stress.  Again, there is the positive consolation of getting cooled off  ‘ incidentally ‘ with the irrigation water through the day when I have to clear the sprinkler nozzles of clogs.  (It’s just tough to stay dry when I’m running under the sprinklers from one irrigation line to the next.)
        The absolute best thing about this time of year is in the early evening after the day’s tasks are done and we take Molly for a walk in the fields behind the barnyard.  It is well after sunset and the skies have begun to darken.  The Lightening Bugs, aka. Fireflies begin their seasonal nightly flights looking for others of their kind for hot dates.  I don’t know, or suppose that there are any of these within the NYC limits, but I think also, that you have to actually see them to know how special they are.  It is truly a magical sight with hundreds of little greenish yellow lights floating upwards from the grass and hedgerows.  It makes me think of spirits alighting on a journey to heaven.  If the sight could be described, that is what it really appears to be.  Even though, I think of ourselves as a ‘grown ups’ and we know that they are just insects doing their thing, it really takes both Karen and my breath away every time we see them.
        Be well,
        Fred & Karen

        Notes from Fred: June 2013

        Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

        Notes from Fred: Report back from the Farm Visit

        It was great seeing all the CSA members from Brooklyn at our open house.  We had a wonderful turn out and weather to match.  With the recent rainfall of last night and today, we are catching up to where we should be, well almost, if it wasn’t 48oF right now as I write this note to you at 5 PM on Saturday afternoon.
        We are on track with most of our outdoor plantings.  To this date, we have transplanted, Heirloom and cherry tomatoes, mixed varieties of summer squash, Cantaloupes, mixed varieties of eggplants, bulb onions, bulb fennel, leeks, Baby Bok Choy, Kohlrabi, celery, strawberries, (for the 2014 season), asparagus ( for the 2015 season), scallions and of course my favorite, watermelons.   This is in addition to our direct seeding and planting of vegetable varieties of radish, carrots, beets, beans, and potatoes.
        We still have a full schedule of planting for the next few weeks as this is perhaps the busiest time period of planting for us.  If you ever wonder what we might be doing any day during this month and the next, it really boils down to something related to planting or planting bed preparation.  It can seem repetitive, and may be even boring to some to have to do the same tasks day in and day out, but I look at the veggies coming out from the greenhouses as a ‘graduation’ of sorts.  By sending them, (little veggies) out into the ‘real world’ to ‘grow up’ and get on with their lives, facing the challenges of bugs and weather, it makes me feel like I’ll be ready to celebrate June 16th for another reason.

        Meet the Farmer

        Monday, April 1st, 2013

        Meet the Farmer

        Thursday, April 11 at 7:00 p.m.

        50 Jay Street, Brooklyn (Phoenix House)

        Fred of Sang Lee Farms will be in town to talk about the farm and the CSA and share some tasty veggies. Join us and learn more about where your CSA deliveries come from.

        Winter Sun Farms registration

        Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

        This winter, we’ll be offering frozen fruit and vegetable shares through Winter Sun Farms. Registration is separate from general winter share signups. Learn more or register now on their website.

        News from Sang Lee Farms

        Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

        We haven’t heard an update directly from Sang Lee Farms, but it sounds like they have weathered Hurricane Sandy and are open for business again. We’ll keep you posted as we hear news about how the farm was affected by the storm.

        Watermelon season

        Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

        Watermelons are back in season!

        Those of you who’ve been CSA members for a few years may know that watermelon is one of Farmer Fred’s favorites:

        “This really is the best time of the year for me because……….. the watermelons are ready!  Our crop of watermelons is perhaps the most favorite thing on the whole farm for me, (possibly the whole world).  It pretty much makes the whole season’s work worthwhile just to munch those guys every chance that I can.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.”


        July 4 pickup moved to Thursday, July 5

        Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

        July 4 falls on a Wednesday this year, so we will be moving the pickup to Thursday, July 5. Pickup time will be the same (5-8 p.m.) at the Phoenix House on 50 Jay Street.

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